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1. Each team roster may consist of a maximum of six players all wearing like colored jerseys/t-shirts.

2. A team may only have three players on the court at a time.

3. All games must start with at least three players on each team but may complete the game with 1-3 players.

4. Teams should arrive fifteen minutes before the posted start time of their game. Teams will only be giving a 3 minute grace period after their posted start time to have the minimum number of players required to begin. Once the grace period expires, the game will be declared a forfeit.

5. Master Timing. There is one clock for all courts. All courts will start on the supervisor's master horn, which will start the master clock.

6. First possession determined by home team, to the left on the schedule.

7. The games will be officiated by an official. Badgering game officials can lead to game disqualification.

8. The home team have to provide a score keeper to work together with the referee.

9. Only man-man defense is allowed.


1. Two points per basket made inside the arc, three points (not grades 3-4) for baskets made beyond the arc.

2. Games are played for 20 minutes running clock. The team ahead after 20 minutes wins.

3. If the games is tied after 20 minutes, a sudden death free throw shootout will break the tie. Each team receives equal opportunities to shoot free throws until one team makes it and the other misses. New shooter each time.

Live Ball/Dead Ball/Possession:

1. The ball will change possession after a scored basket.

2. All jump balls will go to the defense.

3. The ball must be checked at the top of the arc after a scored basket, with the offensive player behind the arc and the defensive player inside the arc.

4. The ball and one foot must be behind the arc to change possession. Possession must be changed after a defensive rebound (rim or not) or a steal. If not taken behind the arc, any points scored are void and the other team gains possession. No need to check the ball if no basket was scored.


!. Officials will be calling fouls.

2. Only team fouls are counted, not individual.

3. For shooting fouls inside or outside the arc, the offended team will get 1 point and possession of the ball behind the arc.

4. For shooting fouls where the basket is made, the offended team will get the basket counted (2 or 3 points) plus 1 point. The possession changes to the team that got scored on.

5. Starting with the 7th team foul, the offended team will get 1 point per foul for non-shooting fouls and the ball back behind the arc.

6. Technical fouls are automatic 2 points and possession of the ball behind the arc.


1. Substitutions may be made after a made basket, a foul, violation, or after the ball goes out of bounds. Just let the referee know.

General Information:

* Game length is 20 minutes

* There will be no time-outs

* 2 minutes on court warm up

Dream Big 3x3 League - Rules