We specialize in skills development by providing high quality private lessons, small group workouts, academies, camps and more. Perfect to combine with rec, school or travel team practices. Boys and girls of all ages and skill levels are welcome all year round.
Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Humble.®

Our daughter, a high school freshman, has been working with Coach George and participating in Dream Big Basketball clinics the last year-and-a-half.  We have been exceptionally impressed with the quality and value of these programs and the attention George has given our daughter in not only becoming a better basketball player and stronger athlete, but also developing her maturity, mental toughness, and leadership on and off the court.  He is always well-prepared for her lessons and has customized in advance a set of drills and activities she needs to engage in to advance to the next level and develop her skills and confidence.  He is able to provide specific constructive feedback in a positive way that inspires our daughter to work harder and stick with her regimen.  He has also taught her healthy habits around nutrition, strength training, and stretching so she continues to develop holistically.  We can tell he genuinely cares for our daughter as an athlete and person.

- Parents, Tim and Chrissy Coley

Dream Big Basketball skills academies have been great for my son the past 2 years. The workouts are a great supplement for his regular season practices and to continue working on skills during the off season. I really appreciate the focus on fundamentals of dribbling, shooting, catching, positioning, footwork, strategy, etc. as well as the high repetition of drills.     My son almost always has a ball in his hands!! Dream Big has been the foundation for my son's skill development!!

- Danny King

”I've had a great experience coaching and training with Dream Big. While coaching I had an opportunity to give back to younger players. I was able to teach them things I know and help them become better players. Coach George and I have also been training focusing on my shooting mostly. Our sessions have benefited me tremendously. This program is awesome. I can’t wait to come back next summer when my season is over!”
- Ny Hammonds, former UNCC now professional player in Russia.

"Having worked our camp for a couple of years, I have seen Coach George Holm in action.  He has enthusiasm for the game.  He knows the game.  He understands how to teach it and make it fun.  He will help your child become a better player and person."

~ Jim Fox, Head Coach Appalachian State Men's Basketball

Former Davidson College Assistant

Hello! How are you? We are fantastic. We are honored to announce that Hannah made the school basketball team for 8th grade. We have seen tremendous improvements in her skill and knowledge of basketball since she has been a part of the dreambig academies. She even notices her playing skill level is on the rise. We are so thankful for the flyer one day that we saw in Chick-fil-A, that has opened the door for Hannah to continue her growth in basketball. Thanks for all you'll do for her and countless others everyday.  Thanks for your consistent, fun, and awesome program. It is making a difference and changing lives. We are honored to have you'll in her life to help her on her journey in playing basketball. Who knows where it can take her. Nevertheless, when she arrives, she will have you'll to look back and thank for all that you've helped her to become and develop. Take care and we hope to see you'll really soon

- Herman and Stephanie Wilson, parents

Coach George did a great job helping our son. Coach has a great ability to quickly diagnose the problem and provide specific adjustments and drills to fix. Coach also has a great demeanor when working with players. If you are looking for a coach to help solidify the fundamentals and then build on the fundamentals, coach George is a great choice.

- Irina, parent

I am a huge fan of the Dream Big Basketball Clinics and Camps. Using a variety of drills, George and Keri teach the kids the right way to play the game. It is refreshing to see focus on fundamental things like shooting and ball handling. We are lucky to have them in the Lake Norman area.

- Jeff Morgan

"I just wanted to send you a note about the wonderful job you did running your clinic.  The last few years my daughter has participated in several basketball clinics but she got more out of your clinic than the others combined.  We're very lucky to have someone with your experience available to us here in Huntersville.  As expectnoed, your clinic was very organized and Sarah had a wonderful time and came home with more enthusiasm than when she left.  I had to 'encourage' her to attend but now she's asking when she can start your next camp."

~ Eric Benjamin, parent

"Coach George not only has the level of experience we are looking for, but he also communicates with all kids in a manner that is both respectful as well as demanding.  Finding that kind of balance in athletics is extremely hard to do and it is truly his gift.  He is not only a player of the game but is a lifelong student as well.  His wife mentioned to me once upon a time that the amount of research and energy that he devotes to planning and executing practices is exactly why he is perfect in this roll.  He has passion for the game both on and off the court.  As with most kids, you never really know what type of coaching method will work best.  He has blended all coachable aspects into his coaching practice.  Not only through demonstration, but by using video and providing written material as well which is important for those who perhaps need to receive the information in a variety of ways before it sinks in.  Our son is completely enjoying his time with Coach George and comes home excited to practice what he's learned.  He has earned the respect of us and our son, what more could you ask for?"


"George, I would like to thank you for your commitment to our AAU team this year.  My son really developed skills and discipline under your direction.  I look forward to him playing with you again next season."

~ Parent